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Celebrity Activism Reconsidered

Celebrity Activism Reconsidered

An article in New Mexico’s Daily Lobo by guest columnist Jason Darensburg reconsiders celebrity activism. Take a look at Darensburg’s stance: Do you agree that “celebrity support can ruin a cause?”

“But does celebrity involvement really make any difference in what people care about? In a society obsessed with celebrity worship and showbiz, the answer is a resounding yes. The problem isn’t that famous people shouldn’t speak out about politics or social issues. The problems begin when celebrities try to speak for the people they are trying to help. This is especially true when they don’t actually belong to the group they claim to represent.”


2011 Responsible Activism in Media & Entertainment Award – Dave Matthews

The 2011 Jane Goodall Global Leadership Awards were presented on September 24, 2011. This year’s winner for Responsible Activism in Media and Entertainment was Dave Matthews. This award pays tribute to outstanding individuals who leverage their celebrity to advocate for sustainability, conservation and humanity in the spirit of Dr. Jane Goodall and her remarkable work.

The Politics of Aid and Celebrities’ Mass Activism

What are your thoughts on Live Aid? Check out this New York Times Article: “The Politics of Aid and Celebrities’ Mass Activism