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Obama, are you listening?

Lady Gaga speaks at the National Equality March in Washington D.C. in October 2009. Addressing Obama, she screams, “are you listening?” Do you think she got her message across? Is she using her celebrity in a positive way?


God Hates “Lady” Gaga?

This flyer from the radical Westboro Baptist Church states that “God hates Lady Gaga.” They argue that Lady Gaga is a “proud whore” who is leading a rebellion against God. Is Gaga bringing young fans into “slavery” as this group contends, or is she liberating them from a world of predjudices? Whether your opion lies with Gaga or the Westboro Baptist Church or somewhere in between – one thing is for certain – this twenty-first century superstar has the ability to get people talking – good and bad – about controversial issues.

“Lady Power”

Check out Tufts Professor Nancy Bauer’s opinion on Lady Gaga in this New York Time’s post from 2010…

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Born This Way – Lady Gaga


Arguably one of the most influential artists of the 21st century Lady Gaga is an example of a new breed of pop superstar, using her celebrity and fame to spread powerful messages of acceptance, hope, and love.