Volunteer at Bonnaroo with “Clean Vibes”

Volunteer at Bonnaroo with “Clean Vibes”

Bonnaroo and Clean Vibes have teamed up and are asking for volunteers to help make an impact at this year’s festival. Clean Vibes handles all the waste removal and recycling that happens at the Tennessee festival this June. If you’re looking for a way to make an impact and give back while also enjoying the Bonnaroo experience, consider becoming a volunteer!

“Clean Vibes is focused on education through action. We show concertgoers how easy it is to minimize one’s waste footprint through recycling and composting in hopes that they might take this knowledge and apply it to their daily lives.

Over a decade of experience providing unparalleled environmentally responsible event waste management, recycling, and cleanup services throughout the United States.”

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Celebrity Activism Reconsidered

Celebrity Activism Reconsidered

An article in New Mexico’s Daily Lobo by guest columnist Jason Darensburg reconsiders celebrity activism. Take a look at Darensburg’s stance: Do you agree that “celebrity support can ruin a cause?”

“But does celebrity involvement really make any difference in what people care about? In a society obsessed with celebrity worship and showbiz, the answer is a resounding yes. The problem isn’t that famous people shouldn’t speak out about politics or social issues. The problems begin when celebrities try to speak for the people they are trying to help. This is especially true when they don’t actually belong to the group they claim to represent.”


“Lady Power”

Check out Tufts Professor Nancy Bauer’s opinion on Lady Gaga in this New York Time’s post from 2010…

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“How Social Media Has Helped Activism”

“How Social Media Has Helped Activism”

A brief article by Ed Carrasco regarding the relationship between new media and social activism… check it out

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A Quick Guide to Green Touring

A Quick Guide to Green Touring

Guide to Green Touring by UGO. Learn about the green touring movement, concerts, and people that make a difference.

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